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on 05/04/2018



THE PROMISE or After All We've Done For You

THE PROMISE exposes the vicious propaganda spread against an entire nation. Here is a people who invented language and theatre, and whose religious philosophy, created millennia before the Christ, became so absolute that man became man’s own miracle!

This is the people who were duped and forced into a new system of slavery called indentureship.

THE PROMISE is a novel of passionate and tragic love, of outrageous abuse, and of absurdities and unsurpassed bigotry. While the gory ordeals of Rati and her fellowmen remain a testament against a century of oppression, the supreme morals of her people are preserved.

This novel achieves the similar perspective of returning the pride and dignity of the East Indian, defamed through A New System of Slavery absurdly called, indentureship.

The Promise offers a rounded picture of the motivations and contradictions of a system whose inherent inhumanity becomes more clearly visible, partly because its main participants believed that what they were doing was right.” Frank Birbalsingh is author (The Rise of Westindian Cricket), distinguished critic, and Professor of English at York University, Toronto.

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To purchase this book contact:  The Indian Caribbean Museum of Trinidad and Tobago at (868) 673-7007

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